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IPG Virtual Spring Conference 2021

What does the future of publishing look like? How has the pandemic changed the way we produce, sell and consume content? Which new ways of working will endure, and how will technology like AI affect us? The IPG’s 2021 Virtual Spring Conference will tackle these and many more questions about the outlook and opportunities for independent publishers. Combining blue-sky thinking, practical advice and extensive networking, it will provide two days packed with information, ideas and inspiration to make every IPG member an even better business.


Last year’s Spring Conference has just been shortlisted for the title of Best Association Virtual Event—and the 2021 edition is going to be even better! Here are just some of the highlights to expect in a jam-packed programme.

  • A keynote from top entrepreneur and forecaster Azeem Azhar on the future of technology in business and society
  • Three publishing leaders—Faber & Faber’s Stephen Page, Kogan Page’s Helen Kogan and SAGE’s Ziyad Marar—on the outlook for our sector
  • Perspectives on bookselling from James Daunt of Waterstones and Nicole Vanderbilt of 
  • A stream of academic publishing sessions on topics including Open Access with Bloomsbury’s Ros Pyne and the latest library issues with ProQuest, Johanna Anderson and Charles Oppenheim
  • Timely advice for cyber security and avoiding fraud from LSA’s Simon Atkins 
  • Guidance on the very latest Brexit-related import and export issues from the Cabinet Office, Ingram’s David Taylor and Unsworth’s Charles Hogg
  • Case studies of starting up in a pandemic from Diana Broccardo of Swift Press and Rachel Williams of Magic Cat Publishing
  • A peek at the next developments in audio with Zebralution’s Carla Herbertson and Bookwire’s Videl Bar-Kar
  • Actionable training on social media skills from expert Kelly Weekes, plus popular PTC tutors Valerie Fawcett and Alysoun Owen on negotiating and digital project management
  • Coach Paul Bulosimportant guidance for maintaining mental fitness and avoiding burnout
  • Ideas for ways to diversify content 
  • Thoughts on sustainability in the supply chain from Boldwood Books’ Amanda Ridout, HP’s Paul Randall and the Book Chain Project’s Stephanie Attal-Juncqua
  • Views on children’s publishing from Nosy Crow’s Tom Bonnick and others
  • A session on effective leadership with entrepreneur and Rule Breaker author Jackie Fast
  • An author’s take on independent publishing with Costa Book of the Year Award winner Monique Roffey
  • Sessions on direct sales and marketing, primary and secondary school sales, contract and rights management, the Middle East and much, much more!

Click here to see the full Conference programme.



If you are interested in exhibiting at the IPG Spring Conference, further details and online booking are available here. Should you have any questions about exhibiting or would like to hear more about sponsoring the Conference, please contact us


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All prices are in GBP (£) and are subject to VAT.
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11/05/2021 09:00 - 12/05/2021 18:00
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Johanna Anderson

University of Gloucestershire
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Charles Oppenheim

Robert Gordon University
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Monique Roffey

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Ros Pyne

Bloomsbury Publishing
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Videl Bar-Kar

Bookwire Gesellschaft zum Vertrieb
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Tom Bonnick

HarperCollins Publishers
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Diana Broccardo

Swift Press
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Carla Herbertson

Small Wardour
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Alysoun Owen

Alysoun Owen Consulting
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David Taylor

Ingram Content Group
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Rachel Williams

Magic Cat Publishing
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Jackie Fast

aa98c24b-9000-4404-ab75-b06571ba368eFast15/04/2021 00:00:00
Valerie Fawcett

Valerie Fawcett Associates
153ae2e4-467a-44b5-a36b-dcfd9175f2e9Fawcett15/04/2021 00:00:00
Richard Fisher

Independent Publishers Guild
077b7d83-55dc-478a-a383-74b3645ed414Fisher15/04/2021 00:00:00
Helen Kogan

Kogan Page
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Ziyad Marar

SAGE Publishing
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Maria Vassilopoulos

University of Wales Press
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Kelly Weekes

Kelley Weekes Coach & Mentor
2272a847-6c47-4012-aaaf-ff29d6c57cb0Weekes15/04/2021 00:00:00
Azeem Azhar

9cf6d955-4f57-412e-806d-cfbd78807296Azhar16/04/2021 00:00:00
Emily Guille-Marrett

61103142-de38-408c-b9c2-920705515ddfGuille-Marrett16/04/2021 00:00:00