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 Development Editor: Ashley Thorpe (14/07/2021) 
 Digital Editor, Matt Bugler (14/07/2021) 


Rights and licensing

 Hattie Cooke, Rights Assistant (12/10/2021) 
 Claire Harper, Global Rights & Licensing Manager (12/10/2021) 
 Olivia Willis, Rights Manager (12/10/2021) 
 Ella Kahn, Literary Agent (12/10/2021) 
 Working in rights: Ten frequently asked questions (12/10/2021) 


 Production content coming soon (08/07/2021) 
 Christy Beale, Assistant Production Editor (05/07/2022) 


 Marketing content coming soon (08/07/2021) 


 Sales Director, Lee Morgan (22/12/2021) 
 Sales content coming soon (08/07/2021) 

HR and management

 HR content coming soon (08/07/2021) 

Working in Publishing

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Editorial Director, Fiona Robertson

Watkins publisher Fiona Robertson shares some good advice for people wanting to work in editorial jobs in publishing in this episode of the IPG Podcast. She also tells us about her own journey through publishing, her day-to-day work and what she likes most about her job. First aired: July 2021. Duration: 12 minutes.

Editor and Translator, Emily Boyce

This episode of the IPG Podcast looks at careers in publishing with Emily Boyce, editor and translator at IPG member Gallic Books. Emily tells us about her unique role juggling translating and editing, her journey into publishing and the ups and occasional downs of working in publishing, and shares some good advice for people wanting to get into the industry. First aired: July 2021. Duration: 14 minutes.

Assistant Acquisitions Editor, Althea Brown

Althea Brown of the University of West Indies Press gives us a glimpse of working life in publishing in the Caribbean in this episode of the IPG Podcast. She tells us about her route into publishing, her day-to-day editorial work, and opportunities for building a career in the industry. First aired: July 2021. Duration: 12 minutes.

Publishing Assistant, Bridget Harley

In this episode of the IPG Podcast we discuss careers with Bridget Harley, publishing assistant at the National Gallery. Bridget talks about her route into the industry and her work at the Gallery, and shares a few tips for others hoping to work in publishing. First aired: July 2021. Duration: 8 minutes.