Exclusive accessible ePub offer for IPG members

Why do your ePubs need to be accessible?
All books published after June 28th 2025 and available for sale in the EU must have an accessible ePub version to comply with the European Accessibility Act 2019.
It makes commercial sense to provide ePubs that can be sold to and accessed by the millions of people in Europe living with a disability.
Digital ePub development is an opportunity to remove the residual barriers to accessing print media that people with disabilities have experienced.

Westchester’s offer to IPG members
Westchester Publishing Services UK is a Benetech-accredited vendor. We are offering IPG members a discount on our standard prices for accessible ePub conversion services. We can create reflowable ePub files from InDesign files and from editable or scanned PDF assets, as well as create alt text for images. We also offer remediation services for older, non-accessible ePub files.

This arrangement between the IPG, Westchester Publishing Services UK, and Benetech also offers IPG members title accessibility certification with your accessible ePub conversion projects for an additional fee of £25 per title. 

Click here to learn more about our exclusive accessible ePub offer for IPG members, including pricing and process

Who is Benetech?
Benetech is a technology not-for-profit organisation that develops software for social good. Benetech's GCA™ certified publisher programme is designed to advise and educate publishers on how to enhance their workflows so that fully accessible ePub files will be created during the normal file production process. 

Rather than going through the full GCA process to have your entire workflow enhanced and then certified, at a cost of thousands of pounds, Westchester can work with you on a title-by-title basis to help you get selected titles digitally converted and individually Benetech-certified.

IPG members can also donate any of their accessible ePubs to Benetech’s Bookshare through this scheme.