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Bookshop discoverability and Above the Treeline


The guest on this episode of the IPG Podcast is Ruth Bradstreet of Above The Treeline. Ruth introduces her business' platform for helping retailers discover new books, and discusses how both independent publishers and booksellers can emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than ever.


Libraries and metadata

First aired: March 2020. Duration: 13 minutes.

ProQuest's Helene Stewart joins us on this episode of the IPG Podcast to discuss how publishers can optimise the discoverability of their content for libraries and their users. She shares tips for improving metadata and visibility in library communities, and how ProQuest can help.

Metadata and retailers

First aired: April 2020. Duration: 12 minutes.

What do retailers and wholesalers want from publishers on metadata? This episode of the IPG Podcast gets the perspective of Caroline Summers of IPG Spring Conference sponsor The Paperback Shop, who shares tips for sharpening up practices, as well as her views on independent publishing in the UK at the moment.

Essential metadata tips

First aired: April 2020. Duration: 24 minutes.

This episode of the IPG Podcast focuses on the crucial subject of metadata in publishing. Our guest is Margaret Harrison of Ingram Content Group, the gold sponsor of the IPG's Spring Conference on 2 and 3 June, who shares some excellent advice for sharpening up the use of metadata to promote and sell books. IPG members can get more support via a free copy of Ingram’s Metadata Essentials, available here.

Managing in difficult times

First aired: March 2020. Duration: 15 minutes.

In a special episode of the IPG Podcast, IPG board member and experienced publisher Oliver Gadsby discusses how to lead a business and team through difficult periods. In conversation with IPG President Jonathan Harris, he shares advice for nimbly responding to challenges, managing change, finding support and keeping staff well and motivated.