Special event: Spring Conference+

The 2023 IPG Spring Conference was so full of content that we carried some sessions over into a special online ‘Spring Conference+’ event!

Thank you to our speakers, session chairs and delegates. It was a brilliant and inspiring day!

Here are some of our top takeaways from five stimulating sessions at the special online Spring Conference+ on Wednesday 24 May. We’d love to hear yours!

1. We can do some of our best work during tough times

The Spring Conference+ opened with a session from ‘productivity ninja’ Grace Marshall about reducing stress and staying productive through challenging times. Admitting to struggling with work can feel negative, but it shouldn’t. “We all struggle sometimes—it’s a universal experience… but it can feel like a taboo.” It’s much better to view a tough time as an opportunity, she said. We shouldn’t run away from a struggle, and it can help to write down feelings and explore the reasons behind it. “Instead of trying to see a light at the end of the tunnel, what would we see if we shone a light on the middle?”

The worst situations sometimes bring the best out of people and generate creative and unconventional thinking. “Struggle is not a sign of failure or a wrong turn… it’s not a battle to face down,” Marshall said. “It’s the wilderness in which we discover—the catalyst by which we stretch, strengthen and rise… and the birthplace of really good work.”

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