The IPG mentoring scheme: what members think


The IPG’s mentoring scheme pairs up experienced independent publishers with newer ones who would like guidance in their publishing, planning and working lives. It embodies the IPG’s spirit of mutual support, and so far in 2021 we have facilitated roughly one new introduction a week. Here’s what some of the participants on both sides of the mentoring partnerships have thought about their experiences. 


“I found the support and advice from the mentoring sessions invaluable, and the interaction was made with great friendliness and sensitivity. I’m deeply grateful to the IPG and my mentor for having arranged it.”

“The mentoring far exceeded my expectations. I had a very generous and engaged mentor who gave me lots of time and advice, made useful introductions and made helpful suggestions when we talked about problems. We got on very well. I’ve encouraged someone to join the IPG because of the mentoring programme (among other things!)”

“The scheme was a great way to learn from someone with experience in publishing, as I was so new to the industry. It was an opportunity to discuss career ambitions candidly, and to learn more about the skills and qualities that I need.”

“My partner was a wonderful fit, and it was great to be able to have general discussions and pick their brains for help and industry knowledge. It worked really well for me.”

“It was so good to get impartial advice from someone outside of the company I work for. I greatly appreciated my mentor’s expertise. It’s a brilliant scheme.”


“I’ve very much enjoyed mentoring IPG members. It’s a fulfilling, exciting and mutually beneficial relationship, and I’ve been able to help them identify business priorities, opportunities and goals.”

Mentoring was really important for both of us, especially in the current [Covid] situation. It was great to be able look at my partner’s business and help her apply some of things I’ve learned myself over the years. We’ve agreed we will carry on working together on an informal basis.”

“The sessions were hugely successful—my mentees have learned a lot, and gone from metadata beginners to maintaining their data in a system that will help them with planning and workflow. We also enjoyed it, and gained a little insight into their type of publishing. All round, definitely a success.”

“It’s been wonderful to connect with my mentee, and beneficial for both of us. We will stay in touch longer term.”

“It's been a genuine pleasure to get to know my mentee, and I do hope they have found the relationship worthwhile.”

You can learn more about how the IPG’s mentoring programme works here. If you would like to get involved, whether as an individual seeking support or as a mentor, we would be pleased to hear from you. Drop us a line and we’ll get the ball rolling.