Meet the supplier: Sinjore Technologies

1. What's your company called?

We are Sinjore Technologies. Our technology development hub is in Singapore, and our global delivery centre is in Thanjavur in southern India.

2. What services or products do you offer?

We offer services in the end-to-end production of books, journals, research works and series, including flexible project management solutions to deliver content in the formats our customers need. We have an efficient XML workflow driving typesetting and digital product development. We work with a UK-based network of editors across a wide range of subject areas, with services including copy-editing, proofreading, indexing, references, image editing, language polishing and technical editing.

We also develop software solutions to support the delivery of high-quality content and digital services. For example, we can now achieve 99.9% accuracy on journals with one-day turnaround time and zero manual intervention. Our technologies include a project management tool which can be extended for use by the client; an automated InDesign workflow; automated quality control for XML, pagination and copy-editing; and a copy-editing tool to expedite reference development.

3. How can you help IPG members?

Everyone has a unique way of working, so we offer a friendly and personalised service to each of our clients. We provide quality, accuracy and competitive turnaround times, and can support irregular publishing cycles effectively. We are relatively small, but we can deal with volume because of our robust automation tools. We can help you to understand the use of technologies within the publishing process and we can make them straightforward to implement.

97% of Sinjore’s employees are women. We are thorough in our work, sincere in our mission, and committed to helping our clients succeed. We are very proud that our work supports the development of the local community in Thanjavur.

4. What do you enjoy about working in publishing?

Our work with academic and journals publishers has brought us to collaborate with people all over the world. We are very proud to be able to contribute to the worlds of medicine, science and law etc. The publishing industry is evolving and constantly throwing up new challenges. We enjoy turning these challenges into an opportunity to develop new solutions for our clients, which means we continually learn and develop too. Finally, working in an international industry is great for the development of our local area.

5. What do you think is the single biggest opportunity and the single biggest threat for independent publishers right now?

From the production perspective we think the biggest opportunity for independent publishers is to integrate technologies effectively into workflows. Process tools can positively impact budgets and lead times, and some technology tools are now available which can improve quality.

Technology know-how is necessary to ensure that content is future-proofed—compatible with both current and future delivery modes. Keeping up to date with and understanding technology is an important capability in publishing. Not doing this could threaten a publisher’s business.

6. What do you want to get out of belonging to the IPG?

We are delighted to be members of such a vibrant publishing community. We are looking forward to networking with and learning from others and sharing our know-how, especially when it comes to publishing technologies. Membership of an international community will also help us to keep abreast of industry developments and trends and further develop our employees.

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