Meet the supplier: LoveReading

1  What's your company called?
LoveReading. We are made up of LoveReading, LoveReading4Kids and LoveReading4Schools.

2  What services or products do you offer?
We LOVE books. We have the biggest portfolio of book review and recommendation sites in the UK. Our mission is to promote a love of books and reading by offering our readers the tools, advice and information to find their next favourite book. We offer a platform for publishers to reach and engage with a huge community of book lovers.

Our editorial experts help people choose the perfect book to read next, and membership delivers a helpful range of tools, including opening extracts and samples of audiobooks. You can save books to wishlists, price compare and buy from the website. We only feature books we have enjoyed so much that we want to share them with others.

LoveReading4Kids is the biggest and best recommendation site for children’s books. Our passion for children’s books ranges from toddlers to teens and ensures that whatever their age and interest, there is a steady stream of recommendations for children.

LoveReading4Schools is an important part of what we do. We think we have a social responsibility to support time-strapped teachers and librarians in their efforts to engender a lifelong love of reading among students. Our new website relaunched in January 2019 and comes with tons of added functionality and a fully updated set of reading recommendation lists for every year group from Early Years to Year 11.

3  How can you help IPG members?
We are here to help your books shine. Our job is one of curation, separating the wheat from the chaff and finding hidden gems—the books that won’t necessarily be seen across the nation. Quite often independent publishers struggle to be heard above the noise of the biggies and don’t have the budgets to support nationwide promotion. We have built packages to make it cost-effective—if we love your book of course!

If you are an avid reader yourself, or if you have bookworms in your family, sign up to receive a steady flow of recommendations on what to read next. It’s all free, with no strings or catches—just unadulterated book loving!

4  What do you enjoy about working in publishing?
I [Deborah Maclaren] have spent the majority of my career in magazine publishing and am relatively new to the book world, having been involved with LoveReading for the last year and a half. But I am a bookworm, my kids are bookworms, and I am also a school governor with a literacy link role, so I feel all elements of my love have brought me to where I am today. It’s a joy to work in publishing and I feel incredibly blessed to work with such a talented team of people who are so passionate about LoveReading.

5  What do you think is the single biggest opportunity and the single biggest threat for independent publishers right now?
The fast-moving nature of publishing is one of the biggest challenges, and we need to ensure that we not only move with the times but anticipate the future.

For any independent business the biggest threat is the size, scale and prolific nature of the big players. But as my mum used to say: ‘The best things come in small packages.’ We have been absolutely blown away by the quality and gorgeousness of some of the books we have reviewed from small independent publishers recently. Shout-outs must go to IPG members Fairlight Press, Muswell Press, Neem Tree Press and Honno Press, all of whom fly the flag for independents in the best possible way. Bravo!

6  What do you want to get out of belonging to the IPG?
A chance to network and meet new people, and the opportunity for LoveReading to read, review and recommend books that otherwise we wouldn’t see. It’s incredibly fulfilling to work with publishers to really make an impact on books—especially those that might previously have struggled to get the attention they deserve.

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