Meet the Exhibitor: YUDU

A Q&A with digital publishing platform and IPG Spring Conference supporter YUDU

1. How can you help independent publishers become better businesses in 2020?

YUDU helps publishers to increase their digital reach, while providing a reading experience that people can access and enjoy on any device. Activity within your publications is captured to provide valuable insights for advertisers, who can harness our technology to tailor adverts to your audiences, using animation, video and pop-ups—a great way to either upsell or retain advertisers.

2. Beyond the coronavirus crisis, what is the biggest issue and the biggest opportunity in your part of the publishing world at the moment?

The ripple effects of coronavirus are playing havoc with the publishing industry. For very good reasons, many are veering towards digital editions and away from print. YUDU Publisher is a market-leading digital publishing app platform which transforms content into stunning online publications designed to improve engagement, drive sales and cut distribution costs. Helen Dunne, Editor of CorpComms, said: “We wanted to make sure our readers received their dose of CorpComms while working at home, so were delighted when YUDU managed to turn our magazine into a great looking digital version in super quick time’. YUDU Publisher is a slick, speedy, sustainable solution.

3. What are you most looking forward to about the IPG's virtual Spring Conference in June?

We can’t wait to join a like-minded community and are extremely grateful for this virtual conference, especially as we can no longer advertise at events. That means we are keen to find alternative ways to communicate our message and help businesses in light of the current crisis.

We’re pleased to have the opportunity to explain to publishers how converting to digital can transform content and improve readers’ experiences. Digital publishing will additionally increase circulation and at the same time save on printing and distribution costs and put a shine on your green credentials. The virtual nature of the conference will allow YUDU to emphasise the multi-platform access granted by our software, as well promoting exciting features of Publisher like Phoneview and Multimedia capabilities, and the fact that magazines can be made available offline for readers on the move.

Visit the YUDU website.