Meet the Exhibitor: MetaComet Systems

An introduction to the work of royalty management specialist MetaComet Systems, one of the supporters of our virtual Spring Conference on 2 and 3 June

1. How can you help independent publishers become better businesses in 2020? 

MetaComet can automate publishers’ royalties, which will significantly reduce their effort and help save time and money while eliminating errors and overpayments.

2. Beyond the coronavirus crisis, what is the biggest issue and the biggest opportunity in your part of the publishing world at the moment? 

Publishers are more eager than ever to automate and increase the efficiency of their back-office operations, so they can focus their energies on bringing new content to market. In a world of uncertainty, they are also looking to manage their risks. These are two areas of specialty for MetaComet.

3. What are you most looking forward to about the IPG's virtual Spring Conference in June? 

We are looking forward to connecting with independent publishers and trying to help them solve a critical issue that is impacting the health of their business. We are also looking forward to participating in a virtual conference and learning how best to navigate this unique opportunity.

Visit the MetaComet Systems website.