Meet the supplier: Jellyfish

1  What's your company called?

2  What services or products do you offer?
We primarily offer managed print services. Our work is underpinned by a commitment to ensuring the publishers we work with get the highest quality product, delivered to the timescales set by them, for the best possible price. Beyond this, we also know that a great product needs to be supported with an expert, commercially-aware approach, so we work with publishers to enhance their market strategies, via our sister company 21six. This encompasses all aspects of your approach to the market, including everything from research and planning to the creation of assets like websites, email campaigns and catalogues, to delivery (social management).

3  How can you help IPG members?
Put simply, we can save them time and money, empowering them to focus on the fundamental strength of their business—the creation and distribution of content.

4  What do you enjoy about working in publishing?
One of the best things about working in publishing is being able to collaborate with great people who share our passion for their products. No two days in publishing are the same and we love being immersed in a market that is bursting with fascinating people. As an organisation with the experience and expertise to be able to make a tangible difference to our clients, this is an immensely rewarding space to work in.

5  What do you think is the single biggest opportunity and the single biggest threat for independent publishers right now?
It is difficult to distil the single biggest threat for independent publishers right now, but three key areas present challenges.

Firstly, in some segments, too many similar titles are being published, making it difficult to sell in high quantities. To combat this and keep revenues up, some publishers create more titles, while others focus on non-illustrated trade where margins are higher. Alternatively, some publishers are increasing the price of their products and adding special features to differentiate them from competitors.

The second challenge is shrinking retail outlets. Physical shops have been negatively impacted by changing shopping habits, making sales in traditional bookshops more difficult. Lastly, the sale or return policies of big chains such as supermarkets present a significant challenge, shifting risk onto publishers.

Two key opportunities also exist. A growth in non-traditional outlets creates openings for niche market products, and there are opportunities for direct to consumer sales that are driven by intelligent online promotional strategies through channels such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

6  What do you want to get out of belonging to the IPG?
Belonging to the IPG enables us to build mutually beneficial relationships with great people who share our passion for the publishing industry. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to be part of a body that shares our perspective and is supporting the growth of the publishing industry.

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