Meet the Spring Conference Exhibitor: Newgen Publishing UK

1  How can you support IPG members?
We provide a full range of services from active commissioning through to print, tailored to specific publishing needs. We aim to make outsourcing production as simple as possible for publishers while making sure they are still in control. We strive to be the first name that pops into your head when you need someone to do something for you.

2  What are you looking forward to most about the IPG Spring Conference?
The opportunity to meet with other members, broaden our network, improve our existing client relationships and establish new ones while we learn more about the issues impacting the wider publishing community.

3 Can you share one top tip for independent publishers to improve their business?
Ask the tricky questions of your suppliers and partners, demand transparency and collaborate. This will encourage continuous development for you and your supplier, extending both your professional network and your reach to authors and readers by ensuring you get the best service to support and enhance your publishing programme.

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