Meet the Spring Conference Exhibitor: Cordee

1  How can you support IPG members?
We offer a full sales and distribution service to publishers, encompassing the book trade, wholesalers and all major online retailers, though our real expertise is with the outdoor trade. We exist to ensure that all publishers, big or small, who publish outdoor books are given the best representation to this important sector. That means even if we don’t do the ‘full’ distribution, we are here to represent you to outdoor retailers!

2  What are you looking forward to most about the IPG Spring Conference?
As new members we are looking forward to meeting the IPG’s existing members—some of whom we know, and some who will be completely new names and faces! We’re also looking forward to the excellent line-up of speakers and workshops where we will be able to pick up information to help our list of publishers.

3  Can you share one top tip for independent publishers to improve their business?
Independent publishers do a fantastic job but the one area that maybe could be improved is to look beyond Nielsen BookScan’s numbers. There are so many fantastic retailers who love books but don’t report to Nielsen and are often, sadly, missed out when evaluating titles, sales and marketing. Around 30% of our sales are to customers that don’t report their sales, and for some of our publishers that percentage is much higher. The ‘BookScan world’ is very important to indie publishers, but there is a wide market out there beyond it.

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