Job title: Digital marketing manager
Company: Vertebrate Publishing
Location: Sheffield
Salary: Dependent upon experience
Is the role Permanent?: Yes
Is the role Full-time?: Yes
Contact: Stephen Ross
Closing date: 20 June 2021

Job description
Vertebrate Publishing is an award-winning independent publisher based in Sheffield. The company currently employs eighteen staff, with many opportunities for growth in the outdoor adventure market. Current sales are at £1m p.a. and we have taken on significant investment with the objective of developing a sustainable business many times our current size. In order to achieve our ambitious plans, we are building a management team with the experience and capability to make that happen. Vertebrate aspire to be the leading outdoor adventure publisher in the UK within the next five years and will provide rewarding careers for all who are part of this journey.

To help us grow, we are looking for a digital marketing manager. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in the outdoors and knowledge of current issues and opportunities. This is a permanent position with an immediate start.

Vertebrate’s values are to be reliable, bold, agile, energetic and sustainable, and we are looking for these in a candidate.

As a relatively small, privately owned business we have limited resources, and career progression will only come through the growth of the business. We can’t compete with large companies in this area but are certain that we can offer the right chance of making a real impact on our business and will have huge day-to-day variety in the job.

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