"Dear IPG..."

Is the coronavirus going to affect The London Book Fair, and what should I be doing about it?

Many people have been asking if The London Book is going to be affected by the coronavirus. The Book Fair team has said in a statement that the event will go ahead as scheduled, and that it is monitoring the situation as it develops. 

Clearly the spread of the coronavirus means some overseas visitors, especially those from China, will not be at LBF. Some others may have concerns about quarantine affecting their travel plans to or from the UK, though LBF says anyone who is not impacted by travel restrictions is free to attend.

LBF refers exhibitors and visitors to this guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care. This advice from the NHS has some useful FAQs and advice for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Visitors to Olympia who want to take precautions may like to carry hand sanitizer and wipes or wash hands regularly. The IPG will have plenty of bottles of sanitizer available to all our exhibitors on our two stands. Some visitors might wish to avoid shaking hands, and should expect some people they meet to do the same.

If there are any more updates about the Book Fair or requirements for visitors, we’ll pass them on to members promptly. If you have any concerns or matters that you’d like us to raise with LBF, please feel free to get in touch.